A Short Bit on the Muldoon Priestesses
CD cover with the priestesses

I don't know how I started thinking about this, specifically, but I did....

Anyways, let me see.... Here, we have the Muldoon Priestesses, three lovely women who are really good fighters...magically powered, if you will.

They have much of their power intrinsic to them, but to fully access their abilities, they have little gadgets of sorts. Afura Mann has her belt buckle which she clips on, Miz Mishtal has her ring which she kisses, and Shayla Shayla has that...wind up, spring loaded wrist bracelet thingy that she puts on and pulls on. (Well, what is that thing called?)

Think about that for a moment, if you will. Three pretty females with phenomenal fighting skills which are fully unleashed with magical items of some sort. Sounds like.... Sounds like a magical girls thing.

Heck, they even have something that approximates a very short transformation sequence, as their powers manifest.... Shayla's aura springs up from the gems (gems! she has magical gems!) placed in her clothing, swirls of water spiral around Miz, and the wind whips about Afura as she prepares to fight.

I suppose the similarities kind of end there, though. They don't have cute names for their attacks (although Shayla does spout epithets as she dances fiery death), nor do they use those gadgets to fire off any attacks once they're activated...no silly mascot to guide them along (Luna and Mokona come to mind...<brr>). And they're far more straight up and destructive once it comes to their attacks, compared to most magical girls. (The Magic Knights are somewhat of an exception, I'll grant.)

Still you can't help but think that one over a bit....

Profile shot of the 

I just hope they don't get pissed at me for suggesting a likeness between them and magical girls.
*knock knock*
Hmm, who could that be--

The three again...isn't Shayla just 


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