Princess Rune-Venus

Rune-Venus is the elder princess of Roshtaria. She is very devoted to her role as leader of her country, a job that she seems to have been doing for some time now. She is the quiet, thinker type...something that is required of her, considering the chaos that's been going on around.

Rune-Venus had been engaged to Galus, supposedly a prince of some kingdom somewhere out there. It had been obvious that she did not much like the fellow, but was willing to go along with it.... Fortunately for her, that ended really quickly once it was discovered that Galus was in fact the ruler of the Phantom Tribes.

There is definitely a hidden strength within her. She was, after all, willing to sacrifice her sister Fatora rather than surrender to the Bugrom invaders.

Together, with Fatora, the two of them can control the Eye of God.

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