Shayla Shalya
(Shera Shera, Shaela Shaela)

Shayla Shayla is the priestess of fire, and boy does she embody her element...even down to her flaming hair. She's wild, energetic, reckless sometimes.... She seems the youngest, though Afura is younger by a year.

Shayla Shayla loves to fight. She's very powerful and very skilled with her abilities. She also tends to be talkative during fights, yelling threats at the enemy. This talkative streak extends to ominous moments before confrontations, where she rambles melodramatically about...stuff. (This usually earns her an insult from Afura about how longwinded she gets.)

Though initially rude to Makoto because of the incident at the hot springs--he was in drag at the time, and at the women's side of the bath, something that he couldn't avoid--she falls for him later, due to the Tenchi Syndrome (c). (He rescued her in a fight with Ifurita.) She's rather reluctant to approach him, though, for two reasons: she was rude to him earlier, and she does realize that he's fallen for Ifurita.

Quote: "waaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahh...." (after realizing Makoto's feelings for Ifurita)

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