In Roshtaria, there is a breed of cats which function as intelligent, living armor. Ura is one of them. They can go from the softness of a normal cat's body to the softness of solid steel plates.

Ura is (was?) Fatora's armor cat, but since she is missing and Makoto is her stand-in, he gets Ura. Ura saves Makoto's butt a few times, not just by blocking shots, but also by catching a hold onto a wall as he falls, cushioning a hard landing, sniffing out the location of Fatora...so on.

As it turns out, Ura was severely mistreated by Fatora, and that doesn't change when Fatora gets back. In the end, Fatora decides to fire Ura from his position, and he decides to join Makoto.

Quote: "Makoto, you okay?"

Sound bite (see the above quote)