The Cast

Note: I don't have the icon pics for all of the cast--forgive me for those absences. Oh, and the character descriptions are mostly mine, with a lot of help from others--but I wrote them myself.

One other note: I do have my favorite characters. Overall, it's sweet, lovely, intelligent, caring *WHAP* ow! Okay, already. Ukyou is my favorite overall. Ryouga and Mousse are tied as my favorite male characters. However, I do not and cannot hate any of the characters, even Kodachi (actually now, especially Kodachi, for whom I've developed a soft spot for lately).... Blame it on the fanfic I'm writing. In fact, I even posted a character defense on rec.arts.anime.fandom, when a thread turned ugly.

Note: I've moved Tarou Pansuto from the Misc. page to the China page.

Do you like the SD pics? Click here for a jpg of some more. Be warned, it's kinda big.

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