Okay, this represents my opinion--but I'll make a few notes with each choice. If I ever learn CGI, I might do a survey-type thing here.... Until that time, well, here's The Ranma Couples Mix and Match Page. I won't have pics for each pair, since many don't exist (the pairings, that is, and therefore the pictures), but I'll try. Oh, and asterisks denote "holy pairs". That means, under no circumstances could I be dissuaded from these matches.++ ^_^ Feel free to disagree--just don't bother me about it.

++Now, this doesn't mean I can't enjoy fanfics that do break up these pairs; it's just that I won't enjoy them as much as I could.

Wai! I've kinda figured out tables better, and now the entries with the pics are somewhat more organized.

Ranma and
Akane, with roses **Ranma and Akane: Of course! They're destined for each other. Takahashi-san has said so! :) I'm particularly fond of fanfics which finally get them together. It's just so infuriating to see them fight all the time, when we know that they really do care about each other.

Shampoo and
Mousse **Shampoo and Mousse: Mousse is a great guy, devoted and everything...if Shampoo would only get it through her head that Mousse is worthy of her. Of course, if Mousse could just tone down his devotion enough to knock her out, maybe that would be nice. Oh, and if he'd be just a little less irritating.... Check out my fanfic, "Mousse, Version 2.0"--you'll get the idea. But really, this one should work.

Ryouga and 
UKyou manga scan **Ryouga and Ukyou: Yes, I'm being damn serious about this one. Forget Akari and Konatsu (and Tsubasa). These two right for each other. They're both so lonely, Ryouga's dedicated and honorable, Ukyou's intelligent and caring and sweet. Perfect, I tell ya! If they'd only get over their fixations and just look at each other and think it over. It's not impossible, either; remember the Cave of Lost Loves and how it all appeared there. I'm also fond of fanfics which get these two together. Yup. Now, this is not just because they two are my favorite characters (remember, Mousse and Ryouga are tied at the moment for the guys). In fact, I believed this a while before they became my favorites, back when Mousse and Shampoo held those positions, at the time where I didn't know all that much about Ranma.

Nabiki and
Kunou **Nabiki and Kunou: It seems to be a popular pairing, even though in the manga and anime, they apparently dislike each other. First...well, the practical upshot is that Nabiki loves money, and Kunou needs someone with brains to handle all of his dough. And...when you think about it, Nabiki's the one who drags Kunou to the nurse's office and patches him up. Ne? They just have such a narrow perception of each other. Of course, it's partly the other's fault to begin with.... This is actually perhaps the weakest "holy pair" of the bunch. There are several well-written fics which match up Nabiki with a new character. Of course, that's a somewhat old plot by now....

Toufuu and Kasumi **Toufuu-sensei and Kasumi: If the good doctor would calm down some, they'd be perfect. Even Ono Kin, Toufuu's okaasan, approves! And surely, Kasumi isn't that completely oblivious. (I'm one of those who holds that she's a lot cannier than she lets on.)

Kodachi and Mikado: Eh. It's what I've heard. I dunno.... 'Course, I'm writing one fanfic with a new character who chases after Kodachi. Heh....

Azusa and Tsubasa: Heard this one...the reasoning's not bad--Azusa loves kawaii, and Tsubasa's about as kawaii (albeit twisted) a guy as you can get.

A little note here: I don't agree with the Azusa/Mikado pairing, 'cos first, they're a team, and that wouldn't be very professional of them, and second, Mikado gets rather annoyed with Azusa easily with her kawaii bits. Azusa prolly wouldn't consider Mikado to be kawaii enough, either.... (end quasi-logical rant mode) However, I have found this set of fanfics which do make the possibility actually... palatable. Or something like that. The fics are here farther down the page. You'll know when you see them. (I'll admit, they get rather angsty.)

Akari and Shinnosuke Yep. I used to think differently. But the Akari-Konatsu match was really just on a whim...I think these two fit together very well. They're both really nice people, and Akari would be able to put up with his amnesia.... Thanks to Adam Barnes, who first suggested the idea to me (go read his suggestion; follow the link below).

Soun and Hinako-sensei: If Hinako could somehow keep her adult form, why not? Soun'll be less lonely, and Hinako likes him.

Tarou and Rouge: Just something that occurred to me randomly. However, as Blade has pointed out, it's not very likely to happen, since they really dislike each other. Feh.... Hey, I'm just being a little silly here.

Cologne and Happosai: NO! Just a joke! We really don't need to see that. Really. >_<

That's all for now...if I get more images and more ideas, then I'll be back with them right here on this page. Actually, I suppose I could use some help, like for Shinnosuke and, erm, I can't think of anyone else specifically. Email me your comments, pictures of pairs, suggestions, etc. here--thanks!

Suggested pairs

These are some of the matches that might actually work (and don't violate the holy pairs ^_^).