Ranma Computer Viruses

Just me having a little fun.... Apparently, some time ago, there was this anime computer virus thing released on raaf. I felt like doing it with Ranma.... Okay, except for the first one, the Ranma virus, all are original. I got the Ranma virus from that posting.

Suggestions are more than welcome! I'll post them here, and credit you for them (I don't plagiarize). I don't mind new ones for characters already taken, I'll just add a number to them.

My viruses--except for the first one, the Ranma virus....

Sent-in viruses

Suggestions? Just a reminder. Again, I welcome any for characters that already have been taken (I'll add a number to it or something). And I will remember to credit you for it. Believe me! I mean, just look at the suggestions section.... ^_^