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Ryouga! Ryouga 'n' Ukyou!

Ukyou 'n' Ryouga! Ukyou!

The Ever-Expanding Ryouga and Ukyou Pages....
(Well, it may slow down at times, but it's always growing! ^_^)

Welcome to the Ryouga and Ukyou Pages, devoted to that couple which should be, but Takahashi-sama never really let happen.

Yes, I do mean the Lost, Fanged Boy/Piglet and the Kawaii Okonomiyaki Chef. The Bandanna and the Ribbon. The Umbrella and the Spatula. Ryouga and Ukyou! Ukyou and Ryouga! Umm.... <embarassed cough>

These pages feature....

If and when new stuff occurs to me, it will most certainly be added. Any suggestions? Please tell me!

Named Odd ... cool but odd site in the May edition of Last Exit Before Toll, the official webpage review by the Anime Web Turnpike! ^_^

This Ryouga Ring site is owned by Andrew Huang.

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