About Us

The Harvard College Albanian Students Association is an organization that unites students of Albanian origin and students interested in Albanian culture, history and contemporary issues. The organization raises awareness of social, economic, and political conditions that affect Albanians throughout the world through: community discussions, cultural events, forums and networking events. 

Latest Updates

The Cham Albanians of Greece: 77 Years of Denial
May 19, 2021
Join us for a panel discussion on the Cham issue with historian Isa Blumi and human rights lawyer Dina Jasini. The webinar will include presentations followed b...
Black Lives Matter to Albanians
March 17, 2021
Join us on October 4th for a teach-in series, titled “Albanian Hip-Hop Culture.” It investigates how the Albanian hip-hop industry relies on the appropriation a
Meeting with Lorik Cana
March 17, 2021
Join us on Saturday for a talk with Lorik Cana and TRIUMPH film Director Kreshnik Jonuzi and Producer Luftar Von Rama! Register for free  
Statement of Solidarity with University Students in Albania
December 15, 2018
The Harvard College Albanian Students Association is writing to express its solidarity with university students in Albania who are protesting in order to improv...

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  • Address: 59 Shepard Street Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Phone: (508) 656-7203
  • Email: harvardalbanians@gmail.com
  • Instagram: @harvard_albanians