Fall 2012 Athena Conference! : The Ties That Bind Us

We are extremely excited about our upcoming conference and hope you will join us!

The Athena Conference is a biannual conference hosted by Harvard undergraduates to promote gender awareness issues among high school students. We would love for any interested students to attend, and encourage you to spread the news. The conference consists of workshops, speakers, and discussion groups, all of which are free of charge! The theme this year is “The Ties That Bind Us,” and we will explore gender roles (and changes in gender roles) in the family, the workplace, and the larger community.

The event is scheduled for December 8, 2012, from 10AM- 6PM, on Harvard’s campus. (We provide breakfast and lunch.) This full-day conference provides the opportunity for students to interact with undergraduates who facilitate the workshops. The intimate discussions between peers and conference facilitators have been a highlight of past conference attendees.

To register, please visit the “Registration” link at the top of this page. We will be sure to contact you with additional information about the conference in the upcoming weeks once you’ve signed up.

Hope to see you there!