Mentors 2016-2017

Yesenia Ortiz ’17 is currently a senior in Adams House, concentrating in the Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration and Rights. Originally from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California, the Boston winters were a bit tricky to get used to for her! She loves her classes where she gets to explore topics she’s passionate about like gender in communities of color and Chicana theory and literature. When not doing readings, Yesenia has the wonderful opportunity to be involved in some pretty great things on campus. She currently serves as the director of Ballet Folklórico de Aztlan, which is a traditional Mexican dance group and always has a blast practicing and performing! Yesenia is also on the board for RAZA, the Chicano/Mexican-American student organization on campus. She has also taken to delighting in baking, reading, and nail art whenever she can!  This is Yesenia’s third year of being part of Athena and is excited to continue her involvement in the program!

Jade Warren ’17 is a senior majoring in Chemistry and Physics. She drinks a ridiculous amount of tea and despite being born and raised (mostly) in Southern California, has a strong predilection toward British humor. In her free time, she reads, writes, practices archery, and watches a lot of things that require subtitles. Her interest in foreign films has made her equally interested in foreign languages and culture, and she is interested in how cultural backgrounds shape people’s outlook on contemporary social issues.

Eden Girma ’18 is a current junior (CABOT HOUSE!!!!!) pursuing astrophysics and math at Harvard, and jazz performance at the New England Conservatory. It’s always super hard for them to write bios like this so here are three things they enjoy: Ethiopian food, joyful/loving people, and literature that opens their mind.

Farris Peale ’18 (Co-Director) is a junior from Mukilteo, WA living in Quincy House studying Government probably with a secondary in Economics and citation Chinese. On campus she also participates in the CIVICS programs, on PBHA’s officers team, and in the Harvard College Democrats. In her free time she enjoys drinking excessive amounts of Diet Coke, reading The Seattle Times, watching Shonda Rhimes’ shows, and drawing. 

Camille Traslavina ’18

Megan Sims ’18 is a junior from Dallas, Texas and currently living in Cabot House. She studies Folklore and Mythology with a secondary in ensuring people she’ll be able to find a job after college. She interns for the Office of BGLTQ Student life, works on Harvard Sex Week, serves on the board for Speak Out Loud, Harvard’s spoken word poetry organization, and writes for the Harvard Independent. In her spare time, she can be found engaging in very passionate discussions about television, knitting, or quietly singing along to Hamilton.

Madeline Bernstein ’19

Anand Bradley ’19

Kara Chyung ’19 (Co-Director) is a sophomore from Center Valley, Pennsylvania living in Dunster House and studying Economics and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. She loves reading, music, and pop culture, and you should ask her about her favorite books, TV shows, and movies. She is especially interested in the representations of women in the media and feminism’s intersections with race, class, sexuality, and gender identity. Along with Athena, she is involved in the Harvard Fallen Angels a cappella group, Smart Woman Securities, and Asian American Women’s Association. She is honored to be a part of Athena and excited for the opportunity to empower youth in the Boston area through conversations about gender empowerment and identity.

Jenna Gray ’19

Brandi Moore ’19

Sofya Shchukina ’19

Angela Yi ’19 is a sophomore living in Dunster House concentrating in Social Studies and the Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality with a secondary in Studio Art (VES). As a true Californian, Angela loves biking to the beach, drinking boba tea, and eating acai bowls. When she’s not suffering in the struggle bus while doing her readings and papers, Angela can usually be found binge watching entire seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race or obsessing over the perfection of Amal Clooney and Internet memes of cute kittens. Her other hobbies include drawing, journalling, and dancing to EDM. Angela is also involved in the Harvard College Honor Council, Harvard’s Asian American Women’s Association, and Indigo Peer Counseling.


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