From the Directors

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Athena! We invite you to join our community which strives to unite students from various communities, backgrounds, genders, and interests through common interest in gender empowerment. Our mission is to uplift young adults to be leaders in their communities, and we hope to work with you toward achieving our goals!

The Athena Program was a seed planted by Harvard undergraduate women to grow a strong community of activists passionate about gender empowerment. As the number of Athena participants has risen, we are proud to say that our family and our programming has expanded and bloomed. This coming semester will mark the 11th Athena Conference and another exciting year for our mentoring program.

The Athena Conference is a biannual conference where students gather for a day to spark dialogue on gender empowerment, youth activism and community leadership. The day’s agenda includes: insightful discussions about our visions of a just world, workshops spanning from female politicians to women in literature, two self-defense sessions, a coffeehouse for self-expression, and more! To provide support beyond the Conference space, in recent years we have also developed a mentoring program, which is a self-esteem and leadership development program for low-income high school students from the greater Boston area. Mentees—students in grades 9-12—are paired with a Harvard Athena mentor and meet for group mentoring sessions twice a month.

In addition to its community outreach goals, the Athena Program also empowers its undergraduate volunteers to create a community of leaders on Harvard’s campus around women’s issues. This program presents us with the opportunity to develop professionally and personally through reflection and team-building.

In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, strategy, industry, justice, and skill. We look forward to meeting the Athenas of the greater Boston area and enthusiastically welcome you into the Athena Program community.

In Solidarity,


The Athena Program Co-Directors 2015-2016

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