to the web page of the Bach Society Orchestra, Harvard University's premier undergraduate chamber orchestra. We hope you enjoy browsing our site for information about the orchestra and encourage you to return throughout the year for updates on the season's events!

Audition to be next year's undergraduate Music Director!

Interviews will be the evening of Tuesday, March 4. Finalists will be notified that evening and informed what piece they'll conduct for the podium audition, which will be the evening of Wednesday, March 12. The application is available here.

2013-2014 Concerto Competition

Audition sign-ups are now open for BachSoc's 2013-2014 undergraduate Concerto Competition! Visit the competitions page for more information.


The Bach Society Orchestra is Harvard’s premier undergraduate chamber orchestra, devoted to performing great pieces from every time period in a setting that promotes musical excellence and collaboration.

BachSoc is proud to announce its 2013-2014 season program, under the baton of Theodoretus Breen ’14.

Our 2013-2014 audition sign-up is now open. Please visit the auditions page for more information.

A Word from our Friends...

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Playing an instrument in the Bach Society Orchestra is different than other extra-curricular activities. Music instruments and equipment can be very expensive, some student organizations dedicate a good portion of their budget to get new gear every couple of years. You can save money on your equipment when you buy from a wholesaler that uses Doba or other drop-ship solutions to sell their products for less.