A Look Back at the 1980s

We hope you enjoy this collection of posters and articles chronicling the exciting decade of the 1980s. Unlike the 1960s, we have many more images than Crimson reviews to share with you, and so this page will serve more as a gallery than as a narrative. Please select any thumbnail image to view a larger, clearer version of that image in a separate browser window. Note that all Crimson archive articles, each of which is viewable in a separate browser window upon selecting the respective link, are copyrighted materials of the Harvard Crimson.

1980-81 Season

James Ross '81, Music Director

1981-82 Season

Diana Watt '82, Music Director

Diana Watt was the first female to serve as BachSoc's Music Director. Read a special feature on Diana published after her election. Crimson Article - March 18, 1981

1982-83 Season

Samuel Wong '84, Music Director

Selected repertoire from this season was featured on a special long-play record album (visit the store to hear excerpts and view the album cover).

Well-known conductor Benjamin Zander sings the praise of BachSoc's alumni conductors in an letter to the editor. Crimson Article - March 15, 1983

1983-84 Season

Samuel Wong '84, Music Director

1984-84 Season

Scott Kluksdahl '85, Music Director

BachSoc celebrated its thirtieth anniversary with a special concert at Sanders Theater on Saturday, May 4, 1985. The concert program featured Bach's Partita No. 3 in E with violinist Michael Appleman; Beethoven's Triple Concerto with violinist Elizabeth Chang, cellist Scott Kluksdahl, pianist Naomi Uyemura and guest conductor Samuel Wong; Vivaldi's Concerto in B-flat for Two Trumpets with Jonathan Feng and Rolf Holly; and Martin's Petite Symphony Concertante for Harp, Harpsichord, Piano, and Double String Orchestra, with harpist Susan Robinson, harpsichordist David Yearsley, and pianist Eric Sawyer.

1985-86 Season

Jeffrey Goldberg '86, Music Director

1986-87 Season

Scott Gregg '88, Music Director

While not exactly the topic of a concert review by the Crimson, BachSoc's concert on Saturday, October 25, 1986 is referenced for the orchestra's decision to announce to the audience the score to the (in)famous Game 6 of the Red Sox v. Mets World Series. "But before (social chairmen Gregory) Dohi could say what the score was in the sixth game of the chamionship series, the crowd in Sanders Theater broke into a mixture of cheers and hisses." Crimson Article - October 27, 1986

1987-88 Season

Scott Gregg '88, Music Director

1988-89 Season

Alan Gilbert 89, Music Director

World-famous violinist Midori is the featured guest artist with BachSoc with Paganini's Concerto in D on March 10, 1989. Crimson Article - March 10, 1989

The Crimson had reported at the beginning of the season that BachSoc was burdened by a mysterious debt of the previous year's management. In April, the Crimson announced that BachSoc was now in the black. Crimson Article - April 13, 1989 Previous music director Scott Gregg defended the orchestra's financial situation in a letter to the editors. Crimson Article - October 4, 1988

1989-90 Season

James Kwak 90', Music Director


The Bach Society Orchestra hosts two annual competitions - the Concerto competition and the Composition competition - to promote the recognition of musical excellence at Harvard.

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