A Look Back at the 1990s

We hope you enjoy this collection of posters and articles chronicling the not-too-distant decade of the 1990s. We are happy to display a highly creative set of posters, but we unfortunately have a limited of articles from this time period. Please select any thumbnail image to view a larger, clearer version of that image in a separate browser window. Note that all Crimson archive articles, each of which is viewable in a separate browser window upon selecting the respective link, are copyrighted materials of the Harvard Crimson.

1990-91 Season

Edwin Outwater '92, Music Director

1991-92 Season

Edwin Outwater '92, Music Director

Music Director Edwin Outwater is quoted in a Crimson Article announcing the establishment of the Sanders Theatre Fund. BachSoc had not performed in Sanders since the 1987-88 Season. Crimson Article - March 14, 1992

1992-93 Season

Evan Christ '93, Music Director

During the spring semester, BachSoc presented an all-Mozart concert, collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma in a gala concert at Sanders, and was guest conducted by composer Alan Hovhaness for performances of the composer's own works.

Evan Christ's final concert as music director on April 10th received an excellent review: "this nearly flawless concert was his performing swan song." Crimson Article - April 15, 1993

1993-94 Season

Evan Young '94, Music Director

1994-95 Season

Steve Huang '95, Music Director

BachSoc celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special concert at Sanders Theatre on Friday, February 17 performing Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, John Harbison's Oboe Concerto with oboist Daniel P. Kim '97, and Mahler's Kindertotenlieder with mezzo-soprano Mary Westbrook-Geha.

1995-96 Season

Jonathan Yates '97, Music Director

1996-97 Season

Jonathan Yates '97, Music Director

1997-99 Seasons

Eric Tipler '99, Music Director

Of BachSoc's season-opening concert on Friday, October 24, 1997, the Crimson wrote: "The Bach Society Orchestra gave a skillful and mature performance of an intelligently crafted program." Crimson Article - October 31, 1997

The Crimson describes the scene at Paine Hall on April 14, 1998 following the completion of Mendelssohn's "Scottish" Symphony: "Shivers creeping up the spines of the audience, they stood up in loud applause. Meanwhile, the orchestra, happy at pleasing the audience, sighed in relief at finishing this difficult piece by loosening collars, wiping foreheads and smiling at one another for accomplishing this feat. Crimson Article - March 20, 1998

Another article highlighted the challenges of new students choosing an orchestra in the midst of Harvard's many options: Crimson Article - September 21, 1998

Photographs of the 1997-98 Orchestra to be available soon on our Archived Photographs page.

1999-2000 Season

Benjamin Rous '00, Music Director