2012-2013 Bach Society Orchestra

Management & Staff

Production Manager: Clare Duncan ’14, flute

A senior in Dunster, Clare hopes to save the entire world by studying Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. She drinks eight cups of tea a day and has the uncanny ability to hiccup during every grand pause in a Beethoven symphony.

Email: cduncan@college.harvard.edu


Personnel Manager: Juliette Mahaffey ’16, violin

Juliette Mahaffey is a sophomore in Kirkland studying Electrical Engineering and French. This lassie is especially proud of her Scottish ancestry and has a great love for Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture. She spends much of her spare time reading up on space shuttles and satellites and taking photos of beautiful things found in the world, not least of which is her violin, Baltazar.

Email: jmahaffey@college.harvard.edu


Financial Manager: Richard Millett ’15, viola

Richard is a junior in Eliot House studying Government.

Email: richardmillett@college.harvard.edu


Development & Outreach Manager: Eric Corcoran ’16, cello

Eric is a sophomore in Dunster House. He can often be found in his natural habitat obsessively reading and rereading the Great Gatsby, usually while eating popcorn and drinking cream soda. Although he hails from the wintry land known as Minnesnowta, he is an avid fan of the Arizona Cardinals and their wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. His favorite painting is 'Foxes' by Franz Marc, and he loves the movie Donnie Darko, and of course the Beatles. He is a runner, skier, and canoer who aspires to one day drive an old Saab.

Email: ericcorcoran@college.harvard.edu


Tickets and Merchandise Chair: Vivian Yeong ’14, violin

Vivian is a senior Molecular and Cellular Biology concentrator in Winthrop House. When not preoccupied with lab experiments and problem sets, Vivian enjoys playing several rounds of Settlers of Catan, Bang, or Set with her friends and roommates.

Email: vyeong@college.harvard.edu


Competitions Coordinator: Julianna Brunini ’14, violin

Julianna is a senior in Leverett House studying Earth and Planetary Sciences. She loves anything that involves preparing, tasting, or talking about food, and is more likely to be found thinking about foccaccia bread than Fourier series during math class. Other than cooking, she enjoys procrasting via Google Earth, finding letters in her mailbox, and listening to Brahm’s Third Symphony obsessively on repeat.

Email: brunini@college.harvard.edu


Social Chair: Ethan Loewi ’15, violin

Ethan is a junior in Dunster House concentrating in English.

Email: ethanloewi@college.harvard.edu


Librarian: Katherine Selwa ’16, flute

Katherine is a sophomore in Leverett House concentrating in molecular and cellular biology. She is rather overly fond of science and all. When not pseting, working in lab or spending happy hours in bachsoc, she attempts to find time for service organizations and the occaional good book. She is still reeling from the sheer joy of having in her possession a pair of Bach Socks.

Email: kselwa@college.harvard.edu


Webmaster: Shannon Lytle ’16, violin

Shannon is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House.

Email: lytle@college.harvard.edu