Officers of the Orchestra

JingJing Zhu '19, Production

JingJing is a senior in Winthrop House, concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. When she is not playing violin in BachSoc or being swallowed up by the pre-med life, JingJing enjoys dancing til she drops, catching up on her favorite TV shows, reading about and discussing world affairs and politics, munching on mint Oreo Thins, and convincing her roommates to partake in spontaneous shenanigans.
jingjingzhu [at]

Eunice Lee '19, Finance

Eunice is a senior in Eliot House studying physics with a secondary in music. She loves playing with BachSoc, composing and arranging music, swimming, and wood-burning. Unfortunately, she is bad at finding things, so if you see something of hers, seemingly abandoned, please let her know!
yookyunglee [at]

Jacquelyn Ho '20, Finance

Jacqie is a junior in Eliot House concentrating in physics. When she's not playing violin in BachSoc, Jacqie enjoys playing piano, doing lab research, and getting meals with her friends. She also has a particular affinity for humpback whales, all things Harry Potter, and the color purple.
jacquelyn_ho [at]

Phelan Yu '19, External Relations

Phelan is a senior in Adams House studying physics and math.
Phelan likes the color blue, early mornings, and minimalism.
phelanyu [at]

Beverly Ge '20, External Relations

Beverly is a junior in Mather House studying Environmental Science and Engineering. On the rare occasion that Beverly is not worrying about climate change or the impacts of pollution on human health, Beverly enjoys sunsets on the beach, art galleries, and late night conversations with friends. She also drinks tap water.
bge1 [at]

Matthew Parsons '20, Internal Relations, Personnel

Matthew Parsons is a junior in Cabot House studying biology and Italian. Outside of BachSoc, Matthew loves making art, writing poetry, and listening to unnecessarily obscure music. His hobbies include collecting snow globes, phone cases, and Smurf figurines.
matthew_parsons [at]

Nick Lee '21, Tickets, Merchandise, & Marketing

Nick is a sophomore originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Outside of playing the cello in BachSoc, Nick enjoys running, watching Netflix, and eating good food. Nick will be in Leverett House in the fall.
nicholaslee [at]

Esther Plotnick '21, Librarian, Tickets, Merchandise, & Marketing

Esther is a sophomore in Eliot House studying Mathematics along with some Spanish and CS. Aside from playing violin in BachSoc, Esther enjoys all things coffee, ice cream, and coffee ice cream.
eplotnick [at]

Claire Millett '21, Co-Publicity

Claire Millett is a sophomore currently living in Quincy house and planning to concentrate in Neurobiology. Outside of playing violin with BachSoc, Claire enjoys making long to-do lists and then proceeding to completely ignore them. She hopes to eventually open up a small bakery, in which she can finally put everything she has learned from various cooking shows to use.
clairemillett [at]

Annabelle Finlayson '21, Co-Publicity

Annabelle Finlayson is a sophomore who is currently considering concentrating in Applied Math. If you think that's a bad idea, you should probably let her know. In addition to cello, Annabelle loves hiking, candy, Chinese food, and maintaining her dogs' instagram account. Annabelle will be in Adams House in the fall.
annabellefinlayson [at]

Anna Gibbs '19, Co-Publicity

Anna is a senior in Cabot House studying English. In addition to loving the BachSoc life, Anna enjoys chai lattes, her pet hermit crabs, and, of course, early mornings hanging up BachSoc concert posters.
annagibbs [at]

Matt Ybarra '20, Social

Matt is a junior in Dunster concentrating in Applied Math and Music. From sunny Southern California, Matt can be spotted around campus with flip-flops on his feet regardless of the weather. He loves his dog, Spotify playlists, and fellow BachSoccers dearly.
mybarra [at]

Alex Kelser '19, Treasurer

Alex is a senior in Quincy concentrating in physics and math. He plays the French horn in Bach soc, and also the electric guitar, though his services have not yet been called upon. Outside of music, he enjoys working in a physics lab and playing pick-up basketball.
akelser [at]

Motoy Kuno-Lewis '19, Alumni & Development

Motoy is a senior in Cabot house studying Environmental Science and Public Policy. A dabbler, Motoy likes trying new things such as juggling, meditating, and eating oysters. It remains to be seen whether he will start doing any of them on a regular basis.
kunolewis [at]

Chris Sun '21, Co-Design

Chris is a sophomore in Eliot House planning to concentrate in Statistics. Besides for his love of long walks around the yard, Chris enjoys dog-spotting, listening to sad Chinese music, and making instant noodles at 3 in the morning.
c_sun [at]

Melissa Yamada '21 , Co-Design

Melissa is a sophomore in Lowell House, concentrating in Neurobiology with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. She plays the violin in BachSoc and is an avid tea drinker. In her free time, Melissa enjoys playing with her dog, trying new types of tea, and watching Studio Ghibli movies.
melissayamada [at]

Amy Zhou '21, Web

Amy Zhou is a sophomore in Mather House, concentrating in Computer Science with a secondary in Educational Studies. Although known as "Savage Amy" in high school, Amy now enjoys milder activities such as petting dogs, afternoon naps, and just the occasional roast.
If you see any problems with this website, please let Amy know!
amy_zhou [at]


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