Officers of the Orchestra

Juhwan Seo '17, Production

Juhwan Seo is a senior in Leverett House concentrating in sociology and studies of women, gender, and sexuality. Even though he was born and partly raised in Korea, Juhwan considers himself a Portland, OR native. An avid proponent of the arts and the humanities, he can be found admiring Hazel Scott, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, and Nam June Paik.
jseo [at]

Mengting Qiu '18, Financial

Mengting is a junior in Pforzheimer House concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Aside from playing violin with BachSoc, Mengting enjoys doing research in a chemistry lab and playing competitive badminton. In her free time, she loves to do outdoor activities, including running, hiking, biking, and kayaking.
mengtingqiu [at]

Jessica Yamada '18, Publicity & Outreach

Jessica is a junior in Cabot and joint concentrates in Molecular and Cellular Biology and East Asian Studies. In her abundant and definitely not nonexistent free time, she enjoys sleeping, reading Tolkien, drawing, rewatching Seven Samurai, playing video games, procrastinating, and pretending she is not procrastinating.
jessicayamada [at]

Ramsey Fahs '18, Communiciations & Development

If Ramsey's left and right brains were hands, he'd be ambidextrous.
cfahs [at]

Theresa Rizk '17, Librarian

Theresa is a senior in Dunster house studying biomedical engineering with a secondary in music, and is also pre-med. Having played the violin for over ten years she is thrilled to be a member of BachSoc for the fourth year in a row. When not swamped with p-sets, readings, studying, or other fun elements of pre-med life Theresa can usually be found catching up with any one of her nine siblings, buried in a favorite novel, engaging in various forms of arts and crafts, or outside enjoying the rare warm and sunny days that Cambridge throws her way.
trizk [at]

Eunice Lee '19, Tickets, Merchandise, & Marketing

Eunice is a sophomore in Eliot House studying physics with a secondary in music. She loves playing with BachSoc, composing and arranging music, swimming, and wood-burning. Unfortunately, she is bad at finding things, so if you see something of hers, seemingly abandoned, please let her know!
yookyunglee [at]

Alexandra Bartlett '17, Competitions & Stage Coordinator

Alex is a junior in Cabot House studying bioengineering. Alex loves the color purple, the beach, and any foods that contain Oreos. When not playing viola, she can usually be found spending inordinate amounts of time in the nearest college dining hall for no good reason, reading any book she can get her hands on, or listening to her favorite band, The Killers.
abartlett [at]

Christine Xu '17, Personnel

Christine is a senior (but refuses to believe it) in Kirkland House, majoring in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and minoring in Music. Besides Bach Soc, she loves being in the great outdoors, belting out Hamilton with her roommates for hours at a time, and chatting with friends new and old.
christinexu [at]

JingJing Zhu '19, Social & Social Media

JingJing is a sophomore in Winthrop House, concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. When she is not playing violin in BachSoc or being swallowed up by the pre-med life, JingJing enjoys dancing til she drops, catching up on her favorite TV shows, reading about and discussing world affairs and politics, munching on mint Oreo Thins, and convincing her roommates to partake in spontaneous shenanigans.
jingjingzhu [at]

Anna Gibbs '19, Co-Publicity

Anna is a sophomore in Cabot House currently concentrating in "undecided" but perhaps eventually English or Psych. Anna loves cats, the color blue, and the winter. When she is not playing the viola, Anna can be found wandering amongst coffee shops, partaking in community service, running late to class, writing, or hanging out with friends (or cats).
annagibbs [at]

Julia Strauss '19, Co-Publicity

Julia Strauss is a sophomore in Cabot House studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. When not playing bassoon in the Bach Society Orchestra, Julia loves studying biology, learning new languages, playing card games with friends, and discovering interesting facts about classic cars.
juliastrauss [at]

Wayne Zhao '17, Alumni Liaison

Wayne is a senior in Lowell House studying Physics and Math. When not playing horn or flute, he occupies his time with linguistics, Rubik's cubes, and anything interesting while procrastinating on looming problem sets.
zhao01 [at]

Phelan Yu '19, Webmaster

Phelan is a sophomore in Adams House studying physics and mathematics.
Phelan likes the color blue, early mornings, and minimalism.
If you see any problems with this website, please let Phelan know.
phelanyu [at]

Ethan Loewi '15, Social

Ethan is a recent graduate. His memory lives on.
ethanloewi [at]


The Bach Society Orchestra hosts two annual competitions - the Concerto competition and the Composition competition - to promote the recognition of musical excellence at Harvard.

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