Officers of the Orchestra

Ramsey Fahs '18, Production

Ramsey is a senior in Mather studying History and Literature. In addition to BachSoc (which he enjoys very much), Ramsey enjoys auto-antonyms, biographies, and lists of three things.
cfahs [at]

Mengting Qiu '18, Financial

Mengting is a senior in Pforzheimer House joint concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Romance Languages and Literatures. Aside from playing violin with BachSoc, Mengting enjoys conducting research in an immunology lab and playing competitive badminton. In her free time, she loves to do outdoor activities, including running, hiking, biking, and kayaking.
mengtingqiu [at]

Jessica Yamada '18, External Relations

Jessica is a senior in Cabot joint concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology and East Asian Studies. Consequently, her current favorite non-BachSoc hobby is sleeping, followed by pretending that the amount of coffee she consumes is perfectly healthy.
jessicayamada [at]

JingJing Zhu '19, Internal Relations

JingJing is a junior in Winthrop House, concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. When she is not playing violin in BachSoc or being swallowed up by the pre-med life, JingJing enjoys dancing til she drops, catching up on her favorite TV shows, reading about and discussing world affairs and politics, munching on mint Oreo Thins, and convincing her roommates to partake in spontaneous shenanigans.
jingjingzhu [at]

Phelan Yu '19, External Relations, Web

Phelan is a junior in Adams House studying physics and math.
Phelan likes the color blue, early mornings, and minimalism.
If you see any problems with this website, please let Phelan know.
phelanyu [at]

Eunice Lee '19, Tickets, Merchandise, & Marketing

Eunice is a junior in Eliot House studying physics with a secondary in music. She loves playing with BachSoc, composing and arranging music, swimming, and wood-burning. Unfortunately, she is bad at finding things, so if you see something of hers, seemingly abandoned, please let her know!
yookyunglee [at]

Anna Gibbs '19, Co-Publicity

Anna is a junior in Cabot House studying English. In addition to loving the BachSoc life, Anna enjoys long walks, cafes, the paradelle phenomenon, and, of course, early mornings hanging up BachSoc concert posters.
annagibbs [at]

Julia Strauss '19, Co-Publicity

Julia Strauss is a junior in Cabot House studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. When not playing bassoon in the Bach Society Orchestra, Julia loves studying biology, learning new languages, playing card games with friends, and discovering interesting facts about classic cars.
juliastrauss [at]

Matthew Parsons '20, Personnel

Matthew Parsons is a sophomore in Cabot House studying biology and Italian. Outside of BachSoc, Matthew loves making art, writing poetry, and listening to unnecessarily obscure music. His hobbies include collecting snow globes, phone cases, and Smurf figurines.
matthew_parsons [at]

David Seong '17, Archivist

David is a senior in Lowell House concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. In addition to playing cello, David likes to read, watch movies, play tennis, and play Resistance/Avalon (board game similar to mafia) with his friends to increase group trust and harmony.
dseong [at]

Jacquelyn Ho '20, Librarian

Jacqie is a sophomore in Eliot House concentrating in physics. When she's not playing violin in BachSoc, Jacqie enjoys playing piano, doing lab research, and getting meals with her friends. She also has a particular affinity for humpback whales, all things Harry Potter, and the color purple.
jacquelyn_ho [at]

Beverly Ge '20, Design, Competitions, and Stage Coordinator

Beverly is a sophomore in Mather House studying environmental engineering. Beverly enjoys sunsets on the beach, art galleries, and sharing her passion for Chinese food and culture with others. She also drinks tap water.
bge1 [at]

Jennifer Ban '20, Social

Jennifer is a cat-lover with a passion for laughing. In her spare time, you can find her dancing or listening to music. Her goals in life are to help people, open a cat cafe, and have her own Wikipedia page.
jban [at]


The Bach Society Orchestra hosts two annual competitions - the Concerto competition and the Composition competition - to promote the recognition of musical excellence at Harvard.

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