Decisions in Disaster: The Ethical Issues in Humanitarian Intervention

April 17th, 2010, 1:30-5:30 PM
Featuring ethical issues arising from natural disasters and disaster relief, similar to the recent Haiti earthquake.


Keynote: Professor Jennifer Leaning
Director, Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health. Co-Director, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.

Interactive Stimulation on Triage: Dr. Sherri Fink
MD and investigative journalist; contender for a Pulitzer Prize for her story of the physicians and patients trapped inside a New Orleans hospital in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Breakout Seminar: Donna Levin, J.D.
Chief Counsel for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Breakout Seminar: Cambridge Emergency Medical Technicians

Conference Schedule:

  1. Registration – 12:30-1:30, Harvard Hall lobby
  2. Keynote Address – 1:30-2:30, Harvard Hall 104
  3. Refreshments and Networking – 2:30-3:15, Harvard Hall lobby
  4. Breakout sessions – 3:15-4:15, Harvard Hall TBD
  5. Interactive simulation – 4:30-5:30, Harvard Hall 104
  6. Closing remarks – 5:30-5:40, Harvard Hall 104

All events are held in Harvard Hall, Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA


The Harvard Undergraduate Biological Sciences Society, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Student Alliance for Global Health, Crisis Management PIC, Harvard Premedical Society, Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association, Harvard Global Health Review

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