The Harvard Undergraduate Bioethics Society (HUBS) is a recognized student group at Harvard College. Our rapidly growing group is currently seeking new membership and excited about incorporating new ideas into the HUBS mission. Interested students can get involved here.

Our group is sponsored by the Harvard University Program in Ethics and Health through funds from the Provost’s office at Harvard College. We are guided by our world-renowned academic sponsor Daniel Wikler of the Harvard University Program in Ethics and Health.

Formed in 2008 by a core group of enthusiastic students, the group aims to promote the awareness of ethical issues brought forth by advances in science and medicine. Through open-minded exploration, discussion and debate of biology, biotechnology, genetics, medicine, theology, philosophy, politics, law and other relevant topics that affect ethical decision making on our campus and in our world, HUBS aims to make a difference in the bioethical issues that face society today.

HUBS is a student-run organization at Harvard College. The Harvard name and/or VERITAS shield are trademarks of the President and Fellows of Harvard College and are used by permission of Harvard University.