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10/28/01--Sexuality and being African-American
5/8/01--Same-Sex Marriage
2/18/01--Sports and Sexuality
12/9/00--Walter Schubert, "Out" in the Financial World
10/21/00--Stevie May, "Don't Ask, He'll Tell"

Sexuality and being African-American

In collaboration with the Black Students Association
Science Center D, Sunday October 28 2001, 3:30PM
To locate the Harvard Science Center, please visit:
http://map.harvard.edu/, the Harvard T stop is near the area marked Holyoke Center.

Speakers include:
Former U.S. Congressional Delegate Sabrina Sojourner of Washington D.C.
Senior Clinton Adviser Keith Boykin
Author of "One More River to Cross"
Harvard Students Eddie Bruce and Chanda Prescod-Weinstein.

Same-sex Marriage

A Discussion With:

Civil Rights Project Director of the New England-wide Gay & Lesbian
Advocates & Defenders (GLAD);
Lead attorney for MA and VT marriage case

Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

Litigated the Marriage Case in Hawaii;
Newly-Elected Director of the Marriage Project at Lambda Legal Defense

TIM COOK (Moderator)
Adjunct Professor of Public Policy,
Kennedy School of Government


8:00 PM

Cosponsored by BOND; the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered
Supporters Alliance; and the Kennedy School GLBT Caucus

Sports and Sexuality

Voices from the NFL and Harvard
February 18, 2001 3-5pm
Harvard Hall 104,
Harvard College

--David Kopay, NFL player from 1962-72, who came out in 1975. Featured in his biography *The David Kopay Story,* and appeared recently on an HBO special on sexuality in sports, as well as in an ESPN program entitled The World of the Gay Athlete.

--Jennifer Allard, Head Softball Coach at Harvard and Freshman Proctor. She lives on campus with her partner.

--Reggie Rivers, former NFL player on the Denver Broncos and ABC commentator. A straight, African-American man, Mr. Rivers speaks to students about prejudice in athletics. In October, Mr. Rivers wrote a column in the Denver Post about the equivalence of homophobia to racism.

--Katherine Callaghan '03 is a sophomore at Harvard College. She is a member of the Women's Water Polo team.

--Michael Crosby '02 is a junior at Harvard College. He is the Captain of the Men's Water Polo Team.

President and CEO of gfn.com & the first openly-gay NYSE trader

         along with Girlspot,
the B-School Gay and Lesbian Student Association
        and The Psychonomist,

                Walter Schubert
      President and CEO of gfn.com
    the first openly-gay NYSE trader

          Saturday, 9 Dec. 2000, 3-5pm
              108 Aldrich
           At the business school

Mr. Schubert will discuss issues surrounding being "out" in the workplace,
financial issues facing non-straight couples, marketing to the lgbt
community and the online world in general.

For more information on Mr. Schubert, see: www.gfn.com



          A Discussion about the military, ROTC and state politics
	  with AZ State Rep. Steve May,
	  the first speaker in a monthly series.
                         Sponsored by The Open Gate.

When: 21 Oct, 3-5pm 2000
Where: Kirkland House Junior Common Room
(follow the signs)

BACKGROUND: Mr. May participated in ROTC when he attended Claremont College.
He entered active duty in 1993 and served as a Lieutenant in the Army until
1995.  He continued to serve in the Reserves.

In 1998, Mr. May ran for office as the State Rep. for Phoenix. He was
elected as an openly-gay, Republican Mormon.  In 1999, Mr. May delivered an
impassioned speech on the House floor in defense of a state bill extending
 health benefits to same-sex partners of state employees.  Shortly  thereafter,
 he was called into active duty for deployment to the Balkans.

On April of 1999, the *Phoenix New Times* profiled him.  By July, the
clipping had found its way to Reserve Command.  In August, the Army 
launched a formal inquiry for violations of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, 
Don't Pursue."

On 16 September, 2000, Mr. May received an honorable discharge from the 
military.  He is one among the ranks of over a thousand who will be 
discharged by the end of this year.