Times & Locations

The Boxing Club runs skill and conditioning practices five days a week. We understand our members have hectic schedules, so you do not need to attend a minimum number of practices to be on the team.

Skill days are led by Coach Doug Yoffe and the captains, and focus on the fundamental footwork, sparring, and skills of boxing. Conditioning days are led by one of the team captains and combine cardio, strength, and endurance workouts. All practices are 1-2 hours in length.

Skill Days – 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Meet in the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) Mezzanine (2nd Floor)

Conditioning Days – 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Tuesday and Saturday
Meet in the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) Fitness Room 1 (3rd Floor)

Start dates, cancellations, and special events are announced in our GroupMe, which you can join here.


The only thing you need for practice is comfortable athletic clothing and a willingness to sweat. We provide all of the gloves, ropes, and everything else. Eventually most boxers will want to pickup a mouth-guard and their own pair of wraps. You can buy them online (e.g. Amazon) or at your favorite athletic store.

New pair of wraps? Check out this wrapping guide; there are many different methods, just find one that works for you!


Membership is open to all members of the Harvard community: undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and beyond. No previous experience is required: in fact the vast majority of our veterans had never touched a pair of gloves before coming to Harvard. Each semester kicks off with a review of the basics, but if you’re joining half way through the term just show up at the start of practice and introduce yourself to one of the captains and we’ll get you sorted.

The club traditionally has a per-semester membership due. This covers equipment, events, an end-of-the-year banquet, and your own Boxing Club t-shirt. However, due to COVID, we have not been asking for dues this year; any changes will be announced promptly.