Douglas Yoffe (Coach)

Calvin Stewart (President)







How’s it going? I’m a Junior living in Pfoho, concentrating in Psychology.  Outside of the boxing club, my hobbies include collecting comics, losing money on sports bets,  and listening to music (If I don’t have my headphones, it’s a bad day). If you see me at practice, don’t be shy!

Ian Webb (Vice President)






Hi, my name’s Ian and I’m a Junior in Eliot. I’m studying engineering so I take major hits in and out of the ring. I’m in charge of conditioning practice on Saturday and I try to be there on Wednesday and Friday too. I’m a fan of the outdoors and I’m also in the archery club on campus. Come find me at practice!


Krystian Jurkowski (Former President)

What’s up! I’m a Senior living in Dunster House (the best house), concentrating in CS, I lead skills practice every Wednesday and swing by to skills practice frequently. I love working out, and if you need a new workout, hit me up! Hands up!

Edgar Escobar (Captain)






I’m a jsenior living in Lowell House, concentrating in Economics. I lead conditioning on Tuesdays and usually hang around on Saturdays too.  I’m a huge soccer fan (Hala Madrid), but I like to dabble in other activities like writing and frisbee too. Remember, pain is just weakness leaving the body.

Hannah Ades (Captain)







Jordan Miller (Captain)







Jose Larios (Captain)