Boxing Club FAQs

I don’t have any experience with boxing. Is that Okay?

Of course! In fact, the majority of new members who join have never picked up a pair of gloves. Even if you join in the middle of the semester, we will pull you aside to go over the basics.


How often do I need to come to practice?

We have practice 6 days of the week, but we do not require that you meet a certain quota. You are free to show up as you please.


Is it okay if I show up to practice late/leave early?

Totally. We all have busy schedules, so it’s completely understandable if you have to join practice late or leave early. In the case of joining late, though, it would be best to communicate with the captain in charge of practice so that they can update you on location.


Do I have to participate in sparring?

No. Sparring is completely optional. Typically, we don’t begin sparring until the middle of the fall semester, and those who choose not to participate continue their normal training.


Do I need to buy any equipment?

You will need to buy a pair of handwraps and a mouthguard, which we sell for $10.


Are there any club dues?

Yes. The club dues, which we collect around October, are $45 per semester. This money also goes towards the club t-shirt that you will receive at the end of the 1st semester.


Is there another question that you need answered?

You can email us at harvardboxing@gmail.com with any other questions that you might have!