Articles I-III

I. Name

The name of the organization shall be Harvard Candela Dance Troupe.

II. Purpose

Candela aims to provide interested Harvard students with the opportunity to practice and perform various Latin Dance styles, mainly salsa and hip-hop. The group also seeks to bring awareness of Latin American culture to the greater Harvard community.

III. Membership

1. Membership in this organization shall be open to all students in good standing currently enrolled in Harvard College, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

2. Membership depends upon both technical skill and performance ability, as determined by audition.

3. Membership is retained from the time of audition until the member severs relations with the organization whether by graduation or otherwise.

4. Any member too frequently absent and/or excessively late to meetings and/or rehearsals shall meet with the board for reconsideration of their activity status.