Articles IV-V

IV. Officers

The officers of the group shall consist of a President, Treasurer and Performance Directors. All officers shall be registered undergraduates in Harvard College.

1. The President shall handle the group’s administrative duties, and coordinate performance opportunities, on- and off-campus. He or she shall also have the ultimate vote regarding membership and routines in performances, as well as company logistics.

2. The Treasurer shall manage the group’s finances, which includes writing up budgets and reimbursement checks, paying bills and applying for grants.

3. The Performance Directors shall appoint choreographers each semester, lead rehearsal warm-ups and secure costumes in preparation for performances. He or she shall also be responsible for reserving space.

V. Elections

Officers shall be elected annually by the members of the group. Elections shall be held during the month of March to guarantee the administrative guidance from the previous board. The term of office shall start on the first day of June and terminate the last day of May of the next year. The time between election of new officers and the start of term for said officers will be a transitional period of training and mentorship by the current officers.

Any undergraduate member of the group may be nominated for election. Nominations shall be filed in writing at least one week before the date appointed for elections. Candidates shall be voted into office by plurality vote. At least two thirds of active members must participate in the voting process.