Articles VI-VII

VI. Meetings

1. A meeting of the officers will be held on a biweekly basis.

2. Rehearsals will take place at least twice a week. Attendance is mandatory for all members.

VII. Attendance

1. The expected minimum time commitment is approximately four hours a week. This minimum will increase as necessary as show-time approaches. Weekly rehearsal shall consist of teaching choreography and technique work as designated by the Performance Director.

2. Dancers must contact the President or Performance Director with legitimate reasons at least twenty-four hours before the rehearsal in order for an absence to be counted as excused. Every absence will be recorded.

A) Members are allowed a maximum of 3 excused absences per semester.

B) Rehearsals and/or meetings for other activities will not be excused.

C) Excessive tardiness will also be noted. If a member is excessively tardy, that member will be required to meet with the officers to discuss status of membership in the group.