A Brief History of Harvard China Care

2000: Laying the Foundations
China Care Foundation is founded by Matt Dalio '05.

2003-2004: A Year of Firsts
Harvard China Care is founded by Gary Cooney '05. Our very first Dumplings playgroup and our very first Boston Marathon fundraiser took place. In the summer of '04, HCC sent off our very first volunteers to China.

2004-2005: HCC Keeps Growing
In only its second year, HCC raises over $30,000. With this money, HCC helped fund the operational costs of the Saiqi Orphanage, and donated a portion to the Bethel Foster Home for blind orphans.

2005: Brothers and Sisters
Two years after the first Dumplings playgroup, Harvard China Care creates the Xiongdi Jiemei program, which matches adopted children ages 9 and up with Harvard undergraduate mentors.

2006: The Beginning of a Tradition
The fall of 2006 marked our very first annual Fall Benefit Dinner. Throughout the years, our Benefit Dinners alone have raised over $164,000.

2007: A Home for Children
Thanks to a collaboration between HCC, Jenzabar and China Care Foundation, the Baoji Children's Home was opened.

2008: China Care Carnival
Our very first annual Carnival took place in the spring of 2008.

2009: Special Care
Thanks to help of Jenzabar and other generous donors, HCC funds the operational costs of a Special Care Nursery Unit in The China Care Home at Beijing.

With the support of volunteers, families, and donors, we continue to help orphans in China...
one child at a time.