The Internship Program


Whether you'd like to volunteer internationally, make a difference in a needy rural village, or simply practice your first "Ni Hao's" in the company of kids, Harvard China Care has something special for you!

Our Internship Program sends 10 to 20 volunteers each year to orphanages throughout China for 5-8 weeks during the summer and 2-3 weeks during the winter. HCC matches our volunteers with orphanages, helps them secure funding, and prepares them for the volunteer work they will be expected to do. 

Volunteers tutor and teach English, assist administratively, or simply play with children who often do not receive the love and attention they deserve. Many of the children that you will come to know were abandoned at birth or shortly afterwards because of their disabilities. They grow up in a variety of institutions, some far better equipped than others, where the orphanage staff works hard to meet their daily needs. All, however, are quite deprived of the one-on-one interaction that stimulates growth during these critical years. Volunteers are always needed to help fill this void.

 Volunteers leave touched by the kids they have met, convinced of their ability to make a difference. Many continue to work on the behalf of their new friends after returning home through advocating and fundraising and getting involved with Harvard China Care's many local programs and fundraising and awareness efforts.

Orphanage Placement:
Orphanage placement is based on individual preferences. Conditions vary from the fully equipped and well-attended Hope Foster Home in Beijing and the Tianjin Institute of Children's Welfare to impoverished state-run orphanages in tiny villages in Shanxi and Henan provinces.

Preparing for the Summer and Winter Internships:
Throughout the semester we will run workshops to familiarize the volunteers with the current state of orphanages in China and prepare them to deal with the challenges of living abroad. We will also familiarize the volunteers with the fundraising process and teach them activities and games to play with the children.