Medical Committee

Begun in 2006, HCC's youngest committee has a twofold mission: one, to obtain donations of medical supplies to send to orphanages, and second, to raise awareness here on campus about the medical situation as it relates to orphans.

Recent News:

On April 3, Harvard China Care invited Dr. Meara, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Children's Hospital in Boston, to speak to Harvard students about the causes, dangers, and treatment of cleft lip/palates. Nearly fourty students attended the lecture, where they learned that cleft lip/palate treatment is a prolonged, difficult process that requires a large team of psychologists, surgeons, pediatricians, dentists, and more. Students also learned that cleft palates can impair feeding and speech development and that intervention during the earliest stages of a child's life is the best way to mitigate such impairments.  Dr. Meara also went through the different procedures he employs when operating on cleft lip/palates.

The speaker event put into perspective the work that Harvard China Care does when raising money for cleft lip/palate surgeries.  Thank you to Dr. Meara for the educational and thoughtful lecture!


We know that good health is a thriving child's most fundamental necessity. To answer this need, HCC's medical committee is constantly looking for donations of medical supplies, as well as medical workers willing to go to China.

Many of the orphanages in China are understaffed, and lack even the most basic medical supplies and equipment. To help them, we seek and accept donations from hospitals, biotech companies, NGOs, and many other suppliers to provide for the health care requirements of the disabled children we serve. In addition, we are happy to welcome doctors, medical students, nurses, and physical therapists who would like to come help at the orphanages.


Here at Harvard College, the Medical Committee focuses on raising awareness within the undergraduate community about medical conditions in China, and specifically how those conditions relate to orphans.

To accomplish this, we host a variety of speaker events every semester. Past speakers have included Dr. Joan Kaufman, a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, who gave a presentation of the Chinese AIDS epidemic as it relates to the orphan situation. In addition, in a cosponsored discussion event, Dr. Howard Koh, associate dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, spoke on Asian American health. In a separate event, Dr. Lincoln Chen, president of the China Medical Board, spoke about public health in China and the current health system in China.

If you're interested in what the medical committee does and would like more information, please contact our current medical committee co-chairs.