Our Work in China

Current Projects

The China Care Home at Half the Sky
The China Care Home
(TCCH) is a unique collaborative effort between Half the Sky and China Care Foundation. The China Care Home at Beijing is a government-sanctioned interim care home, and provides pre and post-surgery care for orphaned babies.

The home is comprised of two units: the Special Nursery Care unit and the Family Housing unit. The Nursery provides round-the-clock professional care for babies as their condition stabilizes after surgery. Once they are strong enough, the babies are either returned to their sending orphanages, or placed in the Family Housing unit of TCCH, which provides long-term recuperative care.

Harvard China Care currently focuses its fundraising efforts towards raising money for the Special Nursery Care unit at TCCH.

Past Projects

Baoji Children's Home
In November 2007, Harvard China Care, with the support of The Jenzabar Foundation, opened a new Children's Home in Baoji, Shanxi province. The home was located on the fourth floor of the Baoji Social Welfare Institute, and operated on the China Care Foundation's foster care model: the new home provides surgery and medical care for the weakest, highest-risk children from the local orphanage. Once strong enough, the babies are placed into local foster care or adoption. In this way, needy children can grow and develop in the warmth of a loving family, leaving behind the institutional setting of an orphanage.

For two years, HCC has fully funded the operations of the home, which has seen several success stories and a few adoptions. Currently, all children in China Care's previous five childrens homes (including Baoji) have relocated to the China Care Home at Beijing.

Saiqi Orphanage
Saiqi Orphanage houses around 40 orphans, ages ranging from a few months to 25 years old, and many of them handicapped. The orphanage is run by a single Catholic woman, who in her 20 years at Saiqi, has cared for over 600 abandoned children and found foster families for the majority of them.

In 2005, Harvard China Care donated $24,000 to the orphanage, and partnered with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to send interns in the summers of 2005-2007.