Harvard Chinatown Citizenship

Our students consist of adults from the Chinatown and Greater Boston immigrant communities who come to class every weekend enthusiastic and ready to learn. As a weekend program, we are uniquely situated to serve the working Chinese immigrant population. After passing the naturalization exam, students often return to celebrate with the tutors and thank them with food!

Chinatown Citizenship is completely staffed by student volunteers, mostly Harvard undergraduates but also graduate students and undergraduates from other institutions. Most volunteers are bilingual in Chinese and English, but some of our most dedicated tutors are non-Asian or speak little or no Chinese. New tutors are always paired with more experienced tutors. Although none are professionally-trained teachers, the effectiveness of our student volunteers is a testament to their enthusiasm and dedication.

Our directors are a team that works together to publicize and plan each Citizenship semester. They work closely with PBHA and the Chinatown Committee to make sure that both students and tutors are able to learn all they can from the program and each other. They are students at Harvard who are experienced in teaching Chinatown Citizenship and are responsible for organizing and ensuring the smooth operation of the program.

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