9/19/2006: THE CHINATOWN COMMITTEE CELEBRATES 30 YEARS OF SERVICE IN CHINATOWN. Did you know that the Chinatown Committee was started in 1976? It was started as an umbrella organization under the Phillips Brooks House Association. It then branched into different groups, each serving different communities within Boston's Chinatown. As we started this year, we have five major programs under the Committee: Chinatown Afterschool, Big Sibling, Citizenship, English-as-a-Secondary-Language, and Teen. Our past programs Chinatown Elderly, Computing, and Quincy Elementary School Tutoring are no longer running due to changing needs in the community both at Harvard and in Chinatown. We celebrated our 30th year anniversary in May, 2006. We hope to continue our work, servicing the Chinatown community and we look foward to working even harder to fulfill our mission as a service provider to the community.

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