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New Update! As of Fall 2006, all of the Chinatown Youth Programs under Chinatown Committee (Afterschool, Big Sibling, and Teen) will run at the Asian American Civic Association (AACA) at 200 Tremont Street, Boston. Afterschool will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; while Big Sibling and Teen will run Tuesday and Thursday. Please Note: Parents will not be allowed to drop off or pick up their children at AACA. Each program has their own pick up and drop off site! Thank you!

Chinatown Afterschool Program
Chinatown Afterschool is a tutoring and enrichment program serving 60 children in 1st though 6th grades. Each group of 10 students is led by 2 to 3 volunteers. The first hour of program focuses on homework help and tutoring, while the second hour is set aside for creative enrichment activities designed by each counselor group. Afterschool is ideal for volunteers comfortable with groups of children in a structured but flexible classroom setting.

Chinatown Big Sib Program
The Big Sibling Program matches volunteers with children of all ages referred by guidance counselors, social workers, and other community members. As positive role models, volunteers meet one-to-one with their little siblings on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Through establishing lasting relationships, the program hopes to explore exciting new opportunities and experiences for both big and little siblings. Volunteers commit to the program for at least one year, though most continue until graduation. Big Sib is ideal for volunteers who wish to make a personal, long-term impact with children who may be relatively challenging to work with.

Chinatown Computing (inactive)
The Chinatown Computing program, which operates the Chinatown Computer Lab, is the latest addition to the Chinatown Committee. It runs two computer literacy programs for teenagers and adults each semester, with assistance from the Chinese Economic Development Council (CEDC). The workshops are taught in English and staffed by PBHA volunteers with various technical skill levels. Resume and interview skill-building activities are incorporated throughout both courses. Chinatown Computing is ideal for volunteers who seek personal interaction with students of all ages.  Note: No Longer Active

Chinatown Elderly Visitation Program (inactive)
The Chinatown Elderly Visitation Program addresses the needs of the elderly residents of the Chinatown community. Through English tutoring and field trips designed to introduce the elderly to the Boston outside Chinatown, volunteers share a tremendous range of experiences possessed by these energetic and inspiring individuals. Elderly is ideal for volunteers looking to both tutor English and build meaningful relationships with unique and enthusiastic senior citizens in a casual setting.  Note: No Longer Active

Chinatown ESL/Citizenship Program
The ESL program provides a range of tutoring classes to both Cantonese and Mandarin speaking adults, many of whom comprise the working class in Chinatown. Volunteers, working in pairs and leading classrooms of 5 to 30 students, possess full creative flexibility in designing lesson plans to suit the unique needs of their students. The ESL program emphasizes improving the conversational skills of students, including practical vocabulary and grammar for everyday situations. ESL is ideal for volunteers looking to work with adults through the teaching of English in a classroom setting.

Quincy School Elementary School Tutoring (inactive)
The Quincy Elementary School is a multi-cultural elementary school in Chinatown. Volunteers visit the school at least once per week during school hours (9:00am to 2:30pm) for 1 hour. Volunteers may act as either individual tutors or student teachers for small group activities, working on basic skills with struggling students or leading enrichment activities for more advanced students. This program focuses on creative activities that maximize multi-cultural awareness and interaction. Quincy School is ideal for volunteers who wish to provide individualized tutoring in an in-school setting.

Chinatown Teen Program
The Chinatown Teen Program addresses issues and concerns specific to 12 to 14 year-olds in Chinatown, while also providing academic and creative enrichment through challenging activities. As a mesh of both tutoring and mentoring, volunteers in an intimate classroom setting push the maturing teens to achieve their individual potential, fostering personal development and achievement. Volunteers and teens alike plan long and short term projects, giving the teens an added sense of responsibility. Teen is ideal for those volunteers willing to challenge as well as be challenged by these fast-emerging teenagers.