Chinatown ESL Harvard University
brit, julia, and erica
SUMMER ESL: Brit, Julia, and Erica relax after class.

Chinatown ESL is the largest of the Chinatown Committee programs. With over 600 adults enrolled per semester, ESL provides several levels of free English instruction for the Chinatown community both during the school year and over the summer.

Our volunteer teachers are students and alumni from Harvard and other nearby schools. Teachers work in pairs, teaching a two-hour class that meets once each weekend for eight weeks over the course of a semester. In the summer, teachers have the opportunity to participate in a combined ESL-Citizenship program - three classes of ESL and one class of Citizenship each weekend.

Class sizes range from less than ten to over thirty. At the lower levels, students are divided up into Mandarin and Cantonese classes. At the higher levels, classes are taught entirely or almost entirely in English, so non-Chinese speakers are always encouraged to volunteer!


Please feel free to contact Chinatown ESL at for more information about the program. For information about the Chinatown Committee, email


The Fall 2002 ESL program directors are:

Margaret Hsieh
Mihuan Li
R. L. Starr
Julia Twarog
Woody Zhao

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