Summaries are due the day that you attend program. The sooner you do it, the fresher the memories will be, and thus the better your summary will be! These should only take about 10-15 minutes to write out, and they are super important to keep all of the counselors in your grade in the loop.

Day of the Week:
Completed By:
Kids Present:
Counselors Present:

Meeting Kids

How was meeting up with your kids today? What was it like when you first entered the classroom? Had they already started their homework? Had all mayhem broken loose?


Did all of the kids get their homework done? Did anyone have a lot of trouble with their homework? Are there any kids copying other kids' homework?


What was project today? What were the materials used? Were the kids engaged? If you could do project again, how would you have done it differently?

Puddles & Sunshines

How was the day with the kids overall? What went well at program today? What didn't go so hot? What do you want to improve on for next time?

Comments, Questions, Warnings

Do you have anything you want counselors on later days of the week to follow-up on? Anything you want to bring up to all of your fellow grade counselors?