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In March 2002, Cinematic was just an idea that crossed the mind of a group of friends who all shared a love of film. Truffaut. Hitchcock. Welles. Anderson.

Today, it is the only magazine on the Harvard campus that is exclusively dedicated to cinema in all of its dimensions, serving as a platform for students, professors, and acclaimed film figures to express their passion, creativity, and critical insights.
Past issues

Cinematic's main goal is to provide the cinema lover with a yearly record of the greatest achievements in the film industry. The editorial vision is to offer an in-depth and scholarly review of interesting movies -- including independent and international movies -- that were shown during the year, an analysis of trends that shaped and are currently shaping the art of cinema, and an exploration of innovations that affected the industry. In addition, Cinematic explores the technological and historical aspects of film, since understanding the past and future of film offers a unique insight on the present. The objective is to go beyond the mere movie review that one finds in daily newspapers or weekly magazines and produce a publication that will constitute a serious, knowledgeable, and academic cinema reference. The articles in Cinematic are either student-written or solicited from critics, professors, and experts in the movie industry.

Our first three editions have been the result of much effort put into creating the initial framework of a new organization, recruiting staff, soliciting articles, editing and design, financing, and distributing. They embody a sense of fulfillment, but most importantly, a promising foundation for future editions -- they are first manifestations of what will hopefully become, one day, a leading tradition at Harvard and beyond.

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