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Cinematic -- Issue #5 / Winter 2007.

The first winter issue of Cinematic delves into a busy movie season, taking a look at Oscar heavyweights Babel and The Departed, tasteless comedy and/or social phenomenon Borat, and artful puzzlers The Science of Sleep and The Fountain, among others. It also explores James Bond in a post-9/11 context, the difficulty of the second parts of trilogies, and, of course, penguins. Additionally, there are interviews with acclaimed directors Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel, 21 Grams), Steven Shainberg (Fur, Secretary), and Richard Linklater (Fast Food Nation, Slacker), as well as a retrospective on fifty years of Janus Films.

Online articles, including those exclusive to the website, should be availabe shortly.

Cinematic -- Issue #4 / 2006.

- Front Cover
- Online Articles: (click here)
- Me and You and Everyone We Know
- March of the Penguins
- The Age of the Spectacle
- Biopics
- Brokeback Mountain
- David Lynch
- 42nd Street
- La Grande illusion
- Invisible Man
- Mysterious Skin

Cinematic -- Issue #3 / 2005.

- Front Cover
- Online Exclusives: (click below)
- Review - Fahrenheit 9/11: Moore than Enough Already
- Review - Coffee and Cigarettes
- Review - I ♥ Huckabees
- Review - The Motorcycle Diaries
- Trends - Reviving the Spirit of the Musical
- Dossier - Cinematic Integration in Almodóvar's Films
- Historical - Adaptations of To Have and Have Not
- Soundtracks - The Life Aquatic

Look for more in the printed edition of Cinematic issue #3, including the complete set of Dossier articles on Pedro Almodóvar, the brand new Soundtracks section, and an exclusive interview with Michael Barker, president of Sony Pictures Classics!

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Cinematic -- Issue #2 / 2004.

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- Front Cover
- Pages 1-5:
- Editor's Note
- Acknowledgements
- Table of Contents
- Pages 6-9: Interviews
- An Afternoon with Kevin Smith
- Robb Moss
- Pages 10-21: Reviews
- Spider
- Lost in Translation
- Irreversible
- Elephant
- City of God
- Fog of War
- 21 Grams
- Pages 22-31: Dossier - Quentin Tarantino
- Bill and the Biz
- You're Supercool: The Ear-Cutting Scene
- Dressed to Kill: Feminine Costume
- End of an Illusion
- Pages 32-35: Trends
- Contracts and Classicism in Cat in the Hat
- A Reflection on the Making of Mang Jing
- Pages 36-42: International
- Warrior of Light
- 9th Sarajevo Film Festival
- 2004 Berlinale
- African Francophone Film
- Pages 43-53: Historical
- Sidekicks and Leaders in the Western
- Zombie Jamboree
- Thelma and Louise
- Alambrista!
- Citizen Kane
- Pages 54-60: Theory
- On Counter-Cinema
- Comprehending Ebert
- Fast Girls, Fast Cars: James Bond
- Pages 61-64: Film Facts
- Back Cover
- Online Exclusives: (click below)
- Searching for the Messiah in Whale Rider

Cinematic -- Issue #1 / 2003.

Please note that, at present time, all files for Issue #1 and Issue #2 are in PDF format. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to display properly. Please click here to download the latest version of the software. Thank you.

- Front Cover
- Page 1:
- Editor's Note
- Acknowledgements
- Table of Contents
- Pages 2-5: Interviews
- An Interview with Hal Hartley
- Isaac Julien, In-Depth
- Pages 6-17: Reviews
- Y Tu Mamá También
- Solaris
- I'm Going Home
- Far From Heaven
- Dazzling
- Atanarjuat
- Pages 18-24: Trends
- Reawakening of the Mexican Cinema
- The Age of the Epic... Redux
- Digital Cinema
- Pages 25-29: Nonfiction
- Bowling for Columbine
- Documentary and Geopolitical Time
- Pages 30-44: International
- 40 Poems by Abbas Kiarostami
- Karim Aïnouz and Madame Sata
- The Island in the Film: Puerto Rico
- Hindi Film
- Film Without a Future
- Eight Women
- Dogme95 in 2003
- Pages 45-49: Technical/Making Of
- Interview with Michael Lantieri
- Evolving Digital Technology
- The Demoscene: Art of Sound and Sight
- Pages 50-62: Historical
- Cool Hand Kubrick and Eyes Wide Shut
- Tarkovsky's The Mirror
- Inside Desire
- Pages 63-64: Film Facts
- Back Cover

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