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2005-2006 Cinematic staff and contact information.
Executive Board
Editor-in-Chief and Design Manager: Rachel Whitaker '08
Managing Editor: Richard Beck '09
Senior Editor: Sara Marie Watson '07
Publishers: Avis Bohlen '08 & Stephanie O'Rourke '08
Associate Publisher: Jenny Lee '10
Trustees: Raja Haddad '05, David Huebner '05,
      Ruth Mirsky '05, Clint Froehlich '05

Section Editors
Reviews: John D. Cella '08
Interviews: Kevin Ferguson '08
Trends: Zachary Rosenthal '09
Historical: Tim Reckart '09

Layout and Design Staff
Design Staff: James Smith '10, Mary Thomas '07, Jansen Thurmer '09, Sara Marie Watson '07

Staff Members
Michelle Cronin '10, Baris Can Ercal '10, Natalia Irizarry-Cole '10, Kyle McAuley '09, Samuel Lemberg '10, Garrett Morgan '08, Dan Normandin '10, James Smith '10, Jansen Thurmer '09, Andrew Wesman '10, Alasdair Wilkins '10

Staff Advisers
D.N. Rodowick & Tom Conley

Alumni Advisers
Henry W. McGee III '74 & Laura Levine '79

Founded in April 2002 by Allison Green, Raja Haddad, David Huebner, and Meagan Marks.

Cinematic logo: Scott Duquette

Cinematic thanks D.N. Rodowick, Tom Conley, J.D. Connor, and Robb Moss for their advice and support; Ned Hinkle and the staff at the Brattle Theatre; Alyssa Burage at Allied Advertising; Frank Stiriti and BFS Printers; and all the members of Harvard's faculty dedicated to increasing film awareness on campus. A special thank-you to our donors: Henry McGee, Frederick T. Beck and Peggy S. Beck, Jeanne Whitaker, Daniel and Lindsay Sturman, Laura Levine, and Kate Earls.

Postal address:
Cinematic - The Harvard Annual Film Review
c/o Student Activities Office
University Hall, First Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

Email address:
Drop us a line at

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