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Love is in the air. Can you feel it?

Dearest Love Birds,

Excited for the Last Chance Dance, but don't have a date? Harboring a crush on someone who might like you back? Then try the LAST CHANCE MATCH where you can enter up to 15 crushes in the senior class. Your identity will NOT be revealed to any of your crushes unless they have also listed you as a mutual crush. What happens next is up to you.

Registration is quick and easy: Register Here
Enter your crushes by 5pm Thursday!

2010 Lovin,

5.18.2010 Email: Updated Events Information

Hi Everyone,

We hope you had a fabulous time on the Booze Cruise. Below is updated information for today's and the rest of the week's events.

5.3.2010 Email: This Week: Senior Night at the Sackler, Picnic on the Charles, and Last Lecture

Hey 2010,

I hope your reading period is off to a good start! Below is a list of this
week’s senior events.


4.28.2010 Class Email

Hey 2010:

Congrats on nearly finishing college! Below is info on three events coming up in the next three days.


1. Senior Bar Tonight (The Finale!)

2. Last Lecture Series with Professor Steven Levitsky: Thursday, April 29, 4:30 PM, Winthrop JCR.

4.25.2010 Class Email

Hey 2010,


Are you ready for our
last week of college classes? Ahh! Well, below are some fun senior events
happening this week to get your mind off of that. Enjoy!


Tuesday: Tommy Doyle's

Hello Champions!

We're in the final stretch of Senior Bar. Tonight: we go to Tommy Doyle's!

Tommy's will bing us the finest in Irish food, spirits and fun. From 10-1, a DJ will be playing the biggest hits on the upstairs floor!

Drink Specials:
$5 Senior Splash

See you all there!

Monday: Senior Bar at The Russell House Tavern 10-1am

Have you checked out Harvard Square's new kid on the block, The Russell House Tavern?

Enjoy good food, drinks and friends in their downstairs lounge and bar.

Their menu includes:
Pinot Blanc and Rose of Pinot Noir for $5 per glass (from Westport Rivers Vineyards)
Brooklyn Lager 16oz cans $4
Narragansett 16oz cans $5
Fernet Branca $4 per shot
Pizzas $10 - $12 (easily split between 2-4 people)
Charcuterie boards $10 (again easily split between 2-4 people)

Check out the rest of their menu here:

Senior Bar This Sunday

Sunday, April 25th
Temple Bar

$4 Beers
$5 for all types of mixed drinks (vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, etc)
$5 Specialty Beers

FREE appetizers


Within walking distance from Harvard Square or Take the 77 Bus from the Upper Harvard Busway, which leaves every 5-15 minutes (



SUNDAY, April 18th

is the LAST DAY

to order any class MERCHANDISE.

There will be NO class of 2010 merchandise available for sale after the 18th, or during senior week, or during commencement.

Go to the MERCHANDISE PAGE to purchase memorabilia!