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We've also introduced an exciting new package called the "The Perfect 10."

This package includes each of the 2010 Merchandise items (apart from the diploma frame) in one easy-to-order, discounted price package! The "Perfect Ten" includes a - 2010 Shot Glass, 2010 Decal/ Bumper Sticker, Cappuccino Mug, Duffel Bag, Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, T-Shirt, and Long Sleeve Shirt all for only $110 - it saves you hassle and $$$! If you're planning on buying more than one item, you won't want to miss out on this deal.



Shot Glasses with Class of 2010 Shield - $2.00 Shot Glass, Clear. Red outline 2010 shield.
Class of 2010 Wide Brim Cappuccino Mugs - $6.00 Large Coffee Mug, Black. Red 2010 Memorial Church logo.
Short Sleeve T-Shirt - $10.00 Gildan Short Sleeve T-shirt, Gray. Front: "Perfect '10" in red. Back: Gray brick 2010 shield with green ivy.
Long Sleeve T-Shirt - $15.00 Gildan Long Sleeve T-shirt, Gray. Front: "Perfect '10" in red. Back: Red 2010 shield with green ivy.
Sweatpants - $23.00 Gildan Sweatpants, Black. Front Left Hip: White 2010 shield.
Sweatshirt - $30.00 Jansport Sweatshirt, Crimson. Front Left Breast: White embroidered 2010 shield.
Canvas Duffel Bag with Leather Handle, adjustable strap and 2010 Shield - $28.00 Canvas Travel Bag. Canvas with crimson trim, leather handles, crimson 2010 shield. Removable, adjustable strap.
Matted, Gold Lined, Diploma Frames (heavily discounted from other vendors!) - $90.00 Embossed Diploma Frame in Studio Gold - Features official Harvard gold seal, on the top, and Harvard University, on the bottom, both embossed on black museum-quality matting. The Studio Gold moulding is of hardwood and features a deep mahogany furniture finish and a gold inner lip. COOP quality!

Harvard 2010 Merchandise Orders are now closed; please stay tuned for more information on picking up your 2010 gear!