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Senior Class Committee Profiles

The 2010 Senior Class Committee is composed of eight elected Marshals, twelve elected House Representatives, the Class Secretary, Class Treasurer, Class Webmaster, and Senior Gift Co-Chairs, and is responsible for organizing senior spring activities, senior week festivities, and class day during Commencement.

Nworah Nworah Ayogu, First Class Marshal

Name: Larry Arbuthnott, Second Class Marshal

Concentration: Government, Economics (secondary)

House: Floreat Domus de Eliot!

Hometown: Marlboro, NJ

Fun Fact #1: I frequently realize that I'm asleep in the midst of my dreams, which means I can do virtually anything (lucid dreaming). So cool.

Fun Fact #2: People say that I resemble a hybrid blend of Barack Obama and Michael Jackson when he was young (i.e., pre-alien days).


Name: Andrés Castro Samayoa, Class Marshal

Concentration: Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality

House: Currier

Hometown: Merliot, El Salvador

Fun Fact #1: I've been to Berryline so much that I'm now part of their Facebook network

Fun Fact #2: I used to play ping-pong four hours every makes Currier's ping pong table make me feel right at home.

Jamison Jamison Hill, Class Marshal
Ami Ami Nash, Class Marshal
Robert Robert Niles, Class Marshal
George George Thampy, Class Marshal
Shiv Shiv Gaglani, Class Marshal
Antonio Antonio Iglesias, Adams House Rep
Shawna Shawna Lee Sinnott, Cabot House Rep
Caleb Caleb L. Weatherl, Currier House Rep
Eva Eva Rosenberg, Dudley House Rep
Hoi Hoi Quoc Nguyen, Dunster House Rep
Silpa Silpa Kovvali, Eliot House Rep
Russell Russell Rennie, Kirkland House Rep
Jordan Jordan Bock, Leverett House Rep
Tony Tony Britt, Lowell House Rep
Samir Samir Paul, Mather House Rep
Steve Steve Piatelli, Pforzheimer House Rep
Abby Abby Phillip, Quincy House Rep
Kelley Kelley Humbert, Winthrop House Rep
Topher Christopher Chang, Webmaster
Michelle Michelle Parilo, Class Secretary
Nimi Nimi Katragadda, Class Treasurer
Mary Mary Cox, Senior Gift Co-Chair
Alterrell Alterrell Mills, Senior Gift Co-Chair
Diana Diana Robles, Senior Gift Co-Chair