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Senior Gift 2010 Committee Members

Why give?
“I have been fortunate enough to benefit from both the Student Events Fund and exclusive job opportunities. For me, Senior Gift is a token of my appreciation for the unique opportunities and experiences that Harvard offers.” -Al Mills, Senior Gift Co-Chair

“Making your gift is a very personal experience. With the freedom to designate your gift for Financial Aid or the Dean's Fund for Student Experiences, you know that your contribution will be immediately available to impact students” -Diana Robles, Senior Gift Co-Chair

“The knowledge we have gained, the skills we have learned, the friends we have made -- Harvard has given us so much. We give to Senior Gift to thank Harvard for opportunities the Class of 2010 has been afforded and to ensure that the experiences of the classes to follow are just as enriching.” -Mary Cox, Senior Gift Co-Chair

Committee Members

Senior Gift Co-Chairs
Mary Cox (Adams)
Alterrell Mills (Mather)
Diana Robles (Dunster)

House Teams - Participation

Peter Tilton – Participation Chair
Kelly Evans – House Chair
Aditi Balakrishna
Ariel Delgado
Molly Donovan
Su Gao
Antonio Iglesias
Graham Infinger
Frances Jin
Harry Rimalower
Tejas Sathian
Peyton Shieh
Amanda Wallace

Callie Pinkas – Participation Chair
Emily Milam – House Chair
Anne Calkins
Stacy Carlson
Ethan Davis
Sarah Johnson
Michelle Konstadt
Kristina Nolte
Shawna Sinnott
Alex Spisak

Desmond Mitchell – Participation Chair
Tobey Duble – House Chair
Tommy Balcetis
Andrea Flores
Johnattan Leon
Hayley Margio
Michael Mi
David Sengeh
Maren Shapiro
Maggie Wollner

Jay Cohen – Participation Chair
Wes Howe – House Chair
Michelle Cho
Frank Cohen
Gabe Daly
Gabe Fotsing
Andrew Heffer
Andrew Izaguirre
Caitlin Newhouse
Devon Sherman
Elise Sherman
Allie Strom
Dan Werb

Sarah Wang – Participation Chair
Asher Bartch – House Chair
Michael Ayoub
Mercedes Bent
Amanda Bridges
Bridget Beckerman
Paige Hoffman
Jun Li
Trang Pham

Dan Lee – Participation Chair
Shaun Hughes – House Chair
Amy Beeson
Rashmi Jasrasaria
Dixon McPhillips
Kevin Mee
Russell Rennie
Cassie Snow

Sam Bonsey – Participation Chair
Jordan Bock – House Chair
Jessica Caplin
Kelly Fitzgerald
Cheng Ho
Nimi Katragadda
Jacob Khoubian
Simin Lee
Andrew McCarthy
Michelle Parilo

Jackie Hairston – Participation Chair
Casandra Woodall – House Chair
Ellie Bressman
Anthony Britt
Sarah Honig
Jarell Lee
Manisha Pandita
Andrea Tyler

Malin von Euler-Hogan – Participation Chair
Matt Carmona
JJ Diah
Jess Frisina
Shiv Gaglani
Caitlin Meares
Samir Paul
Cathy Sirois
Courtney Skinner
Becca Smith

Chris Miller – Participation Chair
Patrick Mulvaney – Participation Chair
Jenn Anyaegbunam
Yun-ke Chin-Lee
Robb Fitzsimmons
Sara Gallant
Tommy Gray
Lara Nadosy
Dwight Pope
Carolyn Puente
Bree Taylor
Brittany Walker-Meade
Rose Yan

Alex Lavoie – Participation Chair
Dan Deighton – House Chair
Katherine Calle
Annie Calvert
Carmen Collyns
Amanda Deutsch
Tamar Holoshitz
Cara Lonergan
Tim Markman
Tariq Musa
Nico Papamichael
Will Ruben
Mei Shi
Erin Yu

Marianne Eagan – Participation Chair
Rusty Mason – Participation Chair
Elena Butler
Colin Donnelly
Meghan Galligan
Alina Hooper
Noor Iqbal
Kreg Moccia
Eliana Murillo
Jackie Nkuebe
Jonathan Steinman

Publicity Chairs
Layla Amjadi (Lowell)
Lucy Baird (Pfoho)
Alee Lockman (Adams)

Associates Chairs
Christian Bjelland (Lowell)
Jonathan Blankfein (Adams)
Michael Buckley (Pfoho)
Majla Custo (Kirkland)
Nico Papamichael (Quincy)

Associates Committee
Thomas Bailey (Lowell)
Adrienne Collatos (Cabot)
Carmen Collyns (Quincy)
Sangu Delle (Quincy)
Mark Fuller (Adams)
Chris Fuller (Adams)
Zachary Gordon (Lowell)
Tommy Gray (Pfoho)
Dara Johnson (Quincy)
Charlie Melvoin (Lowell)
Chris Miller (Pfoho)
Fahed Missmar (Adams)
Patrick Mulvaney (Pfoho)
Ndu Okereke (Quincy)
Riccardo Pellegrini (Adams)
Yani Petrov (Leverett)
Callie Pinkas (Cabot)
Ben Schwartz (Winthrop)
Noah Silver (Quincy)
Julia Spiro (Pfoho)
Katie Varney (Adams)