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Senior Gift 2010

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What is Senior Gift 2010?

Senior Gift is about coming together as a class and giving back to our college. It is the beginning of a tradition of annual alumni support of students at Harvard College. The money raised by Senior Gift does not go into the endowment, but is put to use immediately and benefits current students.

We ask seniors to contribute $10 or more during senior year and to confirm their intention to continue the tradition of annual alumni giving in the years to come.


You can designate your Senior Gift for immediate use to one of the following three areas:

  • Unrestricted – to be used where funds are needed most this year
  • Financial Aid
  • Dean’s Fund for Undergraduate Experience – e.g. Queen’s Head Pub, Women’s Leadership Conference, Yard Fest, IM sports

How to Give

Cash or Check: Give to your local Senior Gift volunteer; make checks payable to “Harvard College Fund”

Credit Card: visit

Crimson Cash: visit (click on “Donations”)

The 2010 Pledge

Gifts from seniors and alumni support existing programs that are not fully funded by the endowment (like financial aid) and provides seed funding for new projects (like the Queen’s Head Pub and ground-breaking research). Our continued support as recent graduates will enhance the undergraduate experience for the next generation of Harvard students. As we enter into the tradition of annual alumni giving, we ask that every senior makes a pledge to support the next generation of Harvard students by continuing to give each year until our 5th reunion. To sign the pledge, visit

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