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Permanent email addresses
for Harvard alumni!

The HAA has recently introduced a really cool service for alumni - permanent email addresses and permanent email forwarding. To get one, visit the HAA web site.

The service is called "Post.Harvard". You get a permanent email address of the form "[yourname]". Any email sent to that email address gets forwarded to you, wherever you specify. If you change jobs, move, or want to get your email at home and not at work, you just go to the web site and change the forwarding address.

Susan Peterson from the HAA is administering this service. This is her description of Post.Harvard, with a few important points to consider:

It's perfect for people who are still in a very mobile stage in their lives, changing jobs and addresses often. Having a Post.Harvard address is like having a permanent street address for mail. You can move -- and all you have to do is access the Post.Harvard registry with your screen name and password, and update your e-mail account.

It's a "forwarding service," and not an e-mail account, and so you'll need a current Internet Service Provider (e-mail account) to which mail can be forwarded.

People also need a current address. (That's another point! Please tell people to update their addresses -- it's easy and fast!) Go to the "Connections" link at the GATEWAYS home page and you'll find an Alumni Address Update form there. It takes three days for that info. to be entered in the database -- but that will be used to verify a Post.Harvard registry.

You can do everything online, day or night. If someone needs help, my e-mail address is found within the 'help' section of Post.Harvard.

More information is available on the HAA web site.