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  Concilio Latino is the University-wide organization which provides a forum for dialogue, coordination and communication for the Latino and Latin American cultural, performing, political, social and publication groups on campus. It is our goal to assist the Latin American and Latino communities at Harvard University in order to communicate and engage with each other to promote cultural, political, and social awareness. Historically, Concilio Latino has been responsible for sponsoring Latino Welcome Day and the Latino Graduation. This year, we hope to do more to excite the various Latino and Latino American organizations and create an ambiance at Harvard that fosters the Latin American and Latino cultures. The Concilio Latino Board for 2003-2004 includes: Maribel Hernandez, '04; Martha Isabel Casillas '05; Edward Lee Rocha, '06; and Philip DeChavez M.D., MPHc '04.


  Concilio Latino was founded in the early 1990's. In 1995-1996 Concilio sponsored "Reunion," an assembly of organizations and individuals concerned with the development of cultural, political, and social outreach to students and the larger local, national and international community. This led to a greater assembly whose aim was to build a Latina/o agenda at Harvard. Since then, the organization continues to strive toward a strong Latina/o community at Harvard University. As a result of its efforts, what started as the Harvard Latina/o Alumni Mobilization initiative has become the Harvard Latin@ Alumni National Network.


  The 2000-2001 school year was an especially exciting one for Concilio Latino. After hosting an extremely successful 5th annual Latina/o Welcome Day to kick-off the first annual Latina/o Heritage Month, Concilio Latino received corporate sponsorship for several events. The Fall '00 Cafe Viernes was a huge success due to this sponsorship, as well as the talents of our diverse community. Hosting several Latina/o Happy Hour events at local restaurants and bars expanded the networking opportunities for Harvard Latina/o students. In Spring 2001, Concilio Latino enthusiastically endorsed the Living Wage Campaign's efforts, including the historic Sit-In at Massuchusetts Hall. Concilio Latino sponsored an Immigrant Worker's Rights Rally, which featured Professors Doris Sommer, Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, and Gary Orfield, as well as student speakers from Concilio Latino and Fuerza Latina.

  Building on this foundation, this year Concilio has hosted Latino and Latin American Welcome Day, a Presidents' Reception, and the Welcome Reception for Mayor Mockus of Bogota, Colombia. For the remainder of the year, Concilio will continue to co-sponsor events that promote Latino and Latin American dialogue and community, and plan for the 8th Annual Latino and Latin American Graduation. Future projects include the 1st Annual Latino Studies Research Symposium, coordinating events University-wide for Latino Appreciation Month, and launching a yearly retreat for Latina/o student leaders at the beginning of each school year.

CO-CHAIRS 2003-2004

  Co-Chairs are responsible for the organization and coordination of all educational and social events, communication between Latina/o and Latin American organizations on campus, and facilitation between students, faculty and alumni on issues pertinent to the Latina/o and Latin American community at Harvard University. Other tasks include, but are not limited to, the following: maintaining the e-mail listserv and web-site; publicity and support for each other's programs and events, securing funding for Concilio Latino events, and initiating the planning of Latin@ Graduation.

CO-CHAIRS 2003-2004

Maribel Hernandez - '04
Martha Isabel Casillas - '05

Edward Lee Rocha - '06
Phil DeChavez, M.D. - MPHc '04

Grad Student Liason: Jeannette Soriano - College '01, MPP'05


CO-CHAIRS 2002-2003

Patricia Ruvalcaba - College '03
Elena Chavez - KSG '04

CO-CHAIRS 2001-2002

Liliana Antello - College '02
Maria Luisa Arroy PhD
Luis Hernandez - HDS '02
Patricia Ruvalcaba - College '03

CO-CHAIRS 2000-2001

Pablo Hollstein - College '01
Jeannette Soriano - College '01

Jose Talavera - HLS '02
Chris Tirres - HDS '97, GSAS '05
Hector Velazquez (Web Guru) - College '00/'01

CO-CHAIRS 1999-2000

Macarena Correa - College '00
Miguel Segovia - HDS '01

Jeannette Soriano - College '01

CO-CHAIRS 1998-1999

Albert Chevez - HDS '98, GSE '99
Michelle Echeverria - College '01
Monica Ramirez - College '01


Isela Morales - College '98

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Contributions

Felipe Agredano-Lozano - HDS '97, E4A Director '97-'99