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May 12th - 13th: Third Annual Harvard Latin@ Studies Research Symposium!

Check out the agenda!


Planning for the 10th Annual Latina/o Graduation Celebration is about to get started! If you are graduating this year, please contact us so we can keep you updated! Space is limited, so do not hesitate! For more information, please contact Jeannette Soriano.


Concilio Latino would like to announce its new Board! They are as follows:

Executive Committee:
Executive Chair - Normandy Vlla
Financial Chair - Daniel Young Lee
Webmaster - Alan Ramos

Committee Chairs
Academic Chair- Gaby Pena (Latina/o Studies Research Symposium)
; Alumni Relations Chair - Cynthia Martinez (Latina/o Graduation); Social/Cultural Chair: Normandy Villa (Latina/o History Month); Political Co-Chairs: Pablo Quintanilla, Janey Pearl


Council of Presidents UPDATES:

Over the summer, Concilio Latino will be collecting data from all the Latina/o and Latin American organizations across the University. This will help Concilio better serve you all. We will use it to update the Concilio Latino Leadership Directory in order to continuously keep you up-to-date will the Latina/o community at Harvard, helping us all be better connected with each other.

If your organization has had elections, please send the list of new officers and their contact information to Mirla Urzua.








Concilio Events:

Third Annual Latino Studies Research Symposium

Contact Gaby Pena with any questions.

On May 12th - 13th, Concilio Latino will host the third annual Harvard Latina/o Studies Research Symposium, made possible through the support of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, the Harvard Foundation for Race and Intercultural Relations and the Dean's Diversity Innovation Fund at the Graduate School of Education.

The symposium will provide an opportunity for students from across schools to discuss new and ongoing work on Latina/o Studies. Its aim is to establish a Latina/o Studies research community at Harvard across disciplines, as well as to provide an opportunity for those already involved in research to present their findings.

This year, the symposium, aside from its regular plenary sessions and keynote address by a prominent Latina/o Studies scholar, will include forum and townhall events focusing on strategies for the expansion of Latina/o Studies scholarship and increase of Latinos and Latinas in academic positions. If you would like to help with the town hall planning process by researching Harvard statistics on Latina/o faculty and student enrollment, please contact Celina Moreno.




Jeannette Soriano - MPP '06
Mirla Urzua - AB '07
Alejandro Jerez - AB '08
Gaby Pena - AB '08; Cynthia Martinez - MPP '07; Normandy Villa AB '09; Pablo Quintanilla MPP '07; Janey Pearl EDM '06


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