The Last Case Of...

Encyclopedia Brown

Everyone was at the Idaville Police station. Mrs. Wembley was explaining to Chief Brown about how the man with black hair robbed her pottery store.

"So let me get this straight," said Chief Brown "You just sat there and watched the man with black hair rob your store?"

"Your Dad is a really good detective," said Sally.

"He's the best, but sometimes he needs a little help," Encyclopedia said.

"What do you mean?"

"Just watch."

Mrs. Wembley was as cool as a cucumber. She didn't even blink when Chief Brown asked her a question. "Of course not, Chief Brown! That would be stupid!"

"So why didn't you do something?"

The air was tense. Sally could tell that Encyclopedia was thinking hard. He just sat there watching his father.

"I'll tell you why I didn't do anything," Mrs. Wembley retorted, "Because the man with the black hair tied my hands and my legs together! That's why!"

Chief Brown could spot a crook a mile away. Something that she was saying just didn't ring true. Then it hit him. "If your hands and your feet were tied up," asked Chief Brown, "how did you dial the phone to call the Police station?"

The room was silent. "It looks like your dad didn't need any help this time," Sally said with a grin.

But then Mrs. Wembley said with a snicker, "I dialed the phone with my penis."

Chief Brown turned to officer Harvey, "Just when you think you have a case solved!"

Officer Harvey asked, "Were there any witnesses? Did anyone actually see the man with black hair?"

"I don't know!" barked Mrs. Wembley, "I just run my pottery store!"

"Good point," said Chief Brown, "Have you seen anyone around Idaville that might know the man with black hair?"

"I don't think he's from around here. You'll probably never catch him," she said.

"We'll see about that," said Chief Brown, "Crime doesn't pay here in Idaville! But in the mean time we'll let you go, and I'll fill out that insurance form saying that your store was robbed."

"Very well," said Mrs. Wembley, "Good day, Chief Brown."

But then Encyclopedia stood up. "I don't think Mrs. Wembley should go just yet. The man with black hair didn't rob the store!"


(Turn to page 103 for the solution to the case of the stolen pottery.)