Demon is a Harvard student organization that publishes a quarterly paper-based and online humor magazine. Since it was founded in 1995, Demon has expanded its staff four-fold and now sponsors events like movies and comedy shows. Members of Demon include writers, artists, photographers, designers, megalomaniacs, business people, comedians, and, of course, our social specialists who plan our many illicit and raucous festivities throughout the year.


President: Josh Kipnees
Vice-President: Prashant Sharma
Managing Editor: Steve Grossman
Business Manager: Oleg Bibergan
Art Director: Kristal Young
Production Manager: David Paltiel
Special Events Coordinator: Akshay Lohitsa

Associate Editors: Adam Kaplan, Sam Teller, Nick Crowne, Becca Myerson, Matt Granoff
Executive Artists: Diana Saville, Ann Lai
Executive Emeritus: Jason Lurie
Online Editors: Steve Grossman, Jason Lurie