Issue 1
From street pimping to shadow puppets, this one's got it all.

Issue 2
The adventures of Dirk Bolus and a whole lot more.

Issue 3
Scary Amish and sexy relatives. What could be better?

Issue 4
How to land a sweet job and kick some ass.

Issue 5
Poetry, advice, elitist humor, and a uterus. That pretty much sums it up.

Issue 6
Kill smurfs and waterboys, or just have some dumb fun.

Issue 7

The end of the world, just after dinner with the in-laws.

Issue 8

Our special pre-frosh issue! Everything you wanted to know about college, but were too smart to ask.

Issue 9

Barney vs. Canada. Who will win?

Issue 10

Current events: the end of the world. Be the first on your block to know.

Issue 11
Special Undercover Investigative Issue: How to fight animals, how to write a hit TV show, and Harry Elkins Widener's lost diary.

Issue 12
Advice for the lovelorn...well maybe not, but we do have tips on how to avoid both the deadly blowfish and the overeager prefrosh!

Issue 13
All sorts of stuff you'll never learn in school: How the universe began, the secret behind the pogo stick, and what Dr. Doolittle was really looking for.

Issue 14
Gaming Issue: Football, Monopoly, and playing God.

Issue 15
Garry Kasparov and Stanley Schwartz: partners in crime?

Issue 16
Learn to convince a deaf guy to fix your car... then tell jokes and write a one hundred page paper about it.

Issue 17
Superman, Alanis Morissette and Family Circus: other than a cure to your painfully itching rash, what more could you want?