What do we want?
Demon eagerly invites submissions for either its quarterly paper-based or online humor magazines. We welcome humorous art, cartoons, dirty limericks, photography, pornography, and prose. If it's funny, submit it.

Where do we want it?
Submit your pieces by either (1) dropping them off in the Demon Submissions envelope outside our office at Thayer Basement B-2 or (2) emailing them to

When do we want it?
Submissions for the next issue of the paper magazine are due sometime in October. More details in the fall.

Submissions for the online magazine are come as you go.

All pieces are automatically submitted for both magazines.

How do we decide what gets in?

Demon Magazine works like China: one organization, two systems.

The paper magazine is a democracy. After the submission deadline, everyone who was listed in the staffbox of a previous issue reads all of the pieces at an at-large anonymous voting session. Each reader ranks each piece on a scale from 1 to 5. The submissions with the highest scores then form the next issue of Demon.

The online magazine is an oligarchy. Pieces are accepted at the discretion of the online editors and executive board.